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In March, Connected held a Product Thinking Mixer for ambitious product builders with a keynote presentation from Marty Cagan. Marty is the author of the wildly successful book, Inspired, and founder & product partner at Silicon Valley Product Group. Marty has worked with some of the world’s leading organizations like eBay, HP, Google, Target, Disney, and many more.

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Watch to learn how world-class product organizations are going beyond Lean & Agile.

In his talk, Marty covered how the best product teams raise the bar on Lean and Agile methodologies by following three fundamental principles:

- Tackling the big risks early — especially value risk and business risk

- Figuring out solutions collaboratively with engineering, design, and product, working side by side

- Solving problems rather than implementing features

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Connected's Commitment to Product Thinking

Marty’s blog and later his book, Inspired, helped us at Connected shape our vision, values, and how we work every day. The key ideas of empowering product teams and cross-team collaboration are key to how we work with our clients, allowing us to deliver the best results. We truly believe that following product thinking principles can help drive organizations to build better products.