Chegg: Wicked Hard Decisions

This online talk focuses on a series of tough decisions Chegg, the textbook rental and homework help startup, made to quickly scale from startup to a public company with a market cap of $10B. This talk focuses on ten habits of making tough decisions about people, products, and businesses. 

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2pm – 3:00pm ET 
11am – 12:00pm PT

November 16th, 2020

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Join us on November 16th for "Chegg: Wicked Hard Decisions", an online talk led by Gibson Biddle, former VP, Product at both Chegg and Netflix.

About the Speaker

Gibson Biddle was VP of Product at Netflix starting in 2005, then in 2010, became the Chief Product Officer of Chegg, a textbook rental company that went public in 2014. Today, he's an adviser for multiple consumer tech companies and is a guest lecturer at Stanford.

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About Connected

Connected is a software product development firm. We partner with ambitious companies across the entire product development lifecycle, whether its identifying opportunities and validating product concepts or releasing products and optimizing in market.

Successful product development requires solving for desirability, viability, feasibility, and usability together, not separately. That’s why we bring engineers, strategists, and designers together, blending discovery and delivery activities at every possible step to think holistically about product. It is this “connectedness” and product-thinking approach, regardless of the stage in the product development lifecycle, that enables us to drive true impact.

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Virtual talk, live streamed on Youtube 

Gibson Biddle, former VP of Product at both Chegg and Netflix, will be joined by panelists from Connected, and will take you through four “What would you do?” Chegg cases that make this a fun, highly engaging online experience.



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Leanne Paura

VP Design, Connected

Leanne recently joined Connected as the VP of Design and leads product design and research activities at the company. Prior to joining Connected, she spent three years as the Director of User Experience at Ecobee—a smart home product company known for their connected thermostats, light switches, and home monitoring products. Leanne started her career in graphic design, transitioning into mobile UX design in 2009. Her experience spans top-tier organizations in the media, financial services, retail, and healthcare verticals.

Shannon Klett

Software Engineer, Connected

Shannon is a Software Engineer at Connected, passionate about building great products and figuring out the best processes to do so. She often works on early-stage products, building scrappily to validate product hypotheses with end users. Shannon specializes in frontend development and has experience in Android, React Native, and Voice.

Amina Saigol

Product Strategist, Connected

Amina is a Product Strategist at Connected with a passion for human-centric design and innovation. Amina has worked across industries like consumer electronics, finance, retail, telecommunications, health, and even pet care, helping clients explore, uncover, and validate new product opportunities with a focus on bringing them to market.

Lisa Min

Director of Product, Connected

Lisa is a Director of Product at Connected who is passionate about building products that people love. She has a background in Human Computer Interaction and is a strong believer in applying research when making key product decisions. Lisa has worked in many industries ranging from healthcare, financial services, retail and telecommunications.

Your host

Damian is a respected technology executive and entrepreneur. He is passionate about the power of cross-discipline collaboration between design, product, and engineering to build better products through Product Discovery and Delivery. Damian's career in software has taken him across industries and around the globe shipping products at Instagram, Uber, Facebook, and more. 

Damian McCabe

EVP Product and Technology, Connected