A Connected Exploration on the Opportunity Areas for Podcast Listeners

Future of Podcast Listening

Taking you from user research to product concepts, Future of Podcast Listening showcases how Connected’s Product-Thinking approach to product discovery distills understanding into tangible solutions. For anyone seeking to build better products in the podcasting, entertainment, or sound space, this report gives some initial, validated concepts that can guide the next phase of exploration. 


What You'll Learn

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An understanding of the podcasting landscape

An overview of user pains, gains, and jobs to be done for podcast listeners

Identified opportunity areas within podcasting

Eight product concepts to guide further exploration

About the Contributors

Amy Weinrieb

Amy is a Product Manager with a knack for asking tough questions to make sense of ambiguity. A lover of frameworks, process and connecting dots, Amy thrives in opportunities to truly collaborate with clients to deliver solutions that meet their desired goals. She has lead interdisciplinary teams to create value within media, travel, and SaaS sectors.

Amos Marsters

Amos is a Product Designer with a penchant for creating experiences for social betterment. Amos has facilitated client’s experience overhauls, bring their concepts to life, and release polished products across media, financial services, and healthcare sectors.

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Product Manager

Product Designer

Katie Hill

Senior Design Researcher

Katie is a Senior Design Researcher with an insatiable curiosity for understanding how culture and technology come together to shape human experiences. Katie has helped clients to identify opportunities, imagine concepts, and realize innovative products across media, automotive, transportation, financial services, healthcare, and nonprofit sectors.

Chaz Nolasco

Client Service Analyst

Chaz is a Client Service Analyst at Connected with a passion for delivering optimum value to our partners through developing high-quality software products. Chaz has led, supported, and successfully completed 30+ projects across multiple industries such as consumer electronics, media, automotive, commercial real estate, and education technology.

Tim Bettridge, Author

Senior Product Designer

When he’s not working with clients to identify and shape exciting new products, Tim Bettridge is busy shaping Connected’s research and development efforts, by conducting user and market research to better identify opportunity areas that help to guide teams towards building novel and new products and experiences. He does this in an effort to better explore the near future of emergent technologies and uncover their intersections as well as examine their ethical implications.

Matt Pendrill

Client Service Analyst

Matt is a Client Service Analyst at Connected with an interest and passion for emerging technologies. In his time at Connected, he has worked with a variety of partners, including a social media giant, leading search engine provider, and analytics disruptor to deliver high-quality and impactful products used by millions daily.

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