What is a Product Thinking Workshop?

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A Product Thinking Workshop is a set of structured activities for teams to align on a problem and empathize with customers to effectively generate new opportunities or unpack and reimagine existing products. 

How will a Product Thinking Workshop impact my organization?

You'll walk away from a workshop with the confidence to make informed and unified decisions that will unlock the next steps toward building better products. 

We will help you empower and align your teams to adapt quickly and de-risk difficult product decisions by assessing desirability, viability, feasibility, and usability. 

What should I expect during a workshop?

During a workshop, expect hands-on collaboration, customer empathy building, thinking outside the box, problem-solving in action, and teamwork. 

Workshop Agenda

Session 1:

An introduction to Lean Product Strategy, Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory, the Value Proposition Framework and Customer Profile Development. We’ll work together to empathize with your customers and the product landscape, outlining fundamental user needs and/or market trends.

Armed with a clearer understanding of unmet user needs, we’ll frame opportunity areas by generating How-Might-We statements. A series of ideation activities will follow, designed to maximize creative concepting from your team.

Session 2:

After a process of concept evaluation your team will converge on several winning concepts. For each winning concept, we’ll develop a more refined understanding of the user experience, value proposition and identify product risks and enablers.

Session 3:

With refined product concepts in hand, the next step will be to plan how to test them with real users through the process of Hypothesis-Driven Validation. We’ll go through the necessary preparation to identify what needs to be tested, and how to prioritize the experiments and prototypes you’ll need to validate your concept.

Session 4:

Sample workshop schedule that we will customize to give you actionable outputs.

Ultimately, the Connected Product Thinking Workshop should lead your team to explore and evaluate new opportunities, and map the path forward towards validating and defining what the next steps for your product are.

The Connected Product Thinking Workshop spans 2 full days and is intensive, interactive, and in-person applied learning that will quickly onboard teams to our cross-functional approach to product development. 

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Identify new product opportunities to delight your customers and grow your business in a 2-day workshop.

It’s the best of these types of workshops I’ve been through. And we’ve been through a lot. I’m leaving with a big sense of completion - it was wrapped up nicely in mature concepts, whereas other workshops have ended earlier with a less clear endpoint.”

Is your product innovation stalled?

Our Product Thinking approach has helped one of the largest social media companies with the ideation and launch of their first hardware device, bringing them entire new streams of revenue for their business.

Whether you’re a scale-up technology company or a long-standing Fortune 500, our Product Thinking Workshop is designed to help you discover your next market-changing, software-powered product.

Understand Your Customers (half day)

Opportunity Framing & Idea Generation (half day)

Concept Evaluation & Maturation (half day)

Make-to-Learn Planning (half day)

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