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The Current State of Digital Distraction

The Current State of Digital Distraction uses a Product Thinking methodology to take a deeper look at the current product landscape, offering product builders insights and tactics that will enable them to build better products and impact their end users.


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Noise pollution is now self-imposed

Life beyond the sound barrier

Device distraction is unavoidable

Too much news is bad news

Living in large-scale urban environments has led people to seek ways of blocking out the noise around them, but it comes at a long-term health cost.

Modern culture has made headphones a nearly ubiquitous accessory, causing a sharp decline in the number of organic exchanges between people.

The constant pings, vibrations, and notifications from people's phone are fracking their attention and reducing cognitive ability.

The ability to stay up to date at all times with both the news and everyone has led to a near-constant hum of stress in everyday life.

About the Authors

Dominic Smith

Dominic is a writer and strategist, who has worked throughout his career to bring to light insights and opportunities that drive sustainable long-term growth. His work looks beyond sectors, focusing on the individual wants and desires of people that ultimately form the trends, behaviours, and landscape of the world we live in. 

Jonathan Savage

Jonathan is an experienced product leader and thinker who is driven by leading teams and crafting products with lasting value. Having started his career as a web developer, Jonathan has progressed to a series of senior product roles that span the product development field. This experience has given him a hands-on understanding of the entire product development lifecycle, from early-stage discovery work to final delivery.

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VP, Product

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