An Effective Approach to Product Discovery for Building Better Products

Unlocking Opportunities Through Continuous Product Discovery

Product discovery is a combination of art and science. In this whitepaper we walk you through the major challenges that large organizations face as they seek to discover new product opportunities and ultimately, build better products; unpack our effective, repeatable approach to product development, Product Thinking; and guide you through the three key steps for implementing this approach into your workflow.

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About Connected

Connected is a software product development firm. We partner with ambitious companies across the entire product development lifecycle, whether it's identifying opportunities and validating product concepts or releasing products and optimizing in market.

Successful product development requires solving for desirability, viability, feasibility, and usability together, not separately. That’s why we bring engineers, strategists, and designers together, blending discovery and delivery activities at every possible step to think holistically about product. It is this “connectedness” and product-thinking approach, regardless of the stage in the product development lifecycle, that enables us to drive true impact.

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Why Read Unlocking Opportunities Through Continuous Product Discovery?

Commonly, product discovery is thought of as the uncovering and articulation of new product ideas. However, we view it differently. To us, product discovery is an ongoing process. It doesn’t just define the moment of idea discovery; instead, it speaks to the continuous testing, validation, and exploration of both ideas and actual products.

Unlocking Opportunities Through Continuous Product Discovery gives you the foundational framework to implement our unified, end-to-end product development approach, Product Thinking, into your organization, project, and/or way of working. The approach brings together key disciplines, mental models, and methodologies to build better products that benefit users and the organization. Product Thinking places razor-sharp and continuous focus on product, measures progress through the lens of product delivery, and views products as constantly evolving systems. An effective utilization of the approach leads to:


Supercharged product teams


An accelerated articulation of a product vision


Revenue-driving products




The seven big challenges facing product development teams 

The shortcomings of siloed external partners

An example timeline of the current product development approach


Seven ways that a cross-disciplinary partner drives value 


An overview of the Product Thinking approach


The three core benefits of Product Thinking


An example timeline of product development using the Product Thinking approach 


An example Product Thinking engagement plan 


FAQs from Product Leaders


What is Product Discovery?